Cedar Chest Quilters' Guild

What we’re all about…

Cedar Chest Quilters’ Guild is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In order to maintain this status, we are obligated to participate in charitable activities, which benefit the local citizenry, tax-deductible organizations that are involved in disease research, and organizations that give aid to both children and adults in stressful situations. Since we are a quilting group, we make and give small quilts and handcrafted items to a variety of groups that serve the people of Iron County. We also donate quilts and other items to the hospital for newborns from financially disadvantaged families, cancer patients, and women and children in group homes. Monetary gifts are given to worthy charitable organizations when we are financially able to do so. While it is not mandatory that Guild members participate in our humanitarian activities, joining in on these endeavors is greatly appreciated. Bring your sewing machine and sewing kit to the Humanitarian day activities on the fourth Thursday of the month.

Cedar Chest Quilters’ Guild is not only a group interested in the art of quilting, its members become friends who care about each other as individuals. Happiness and sorrow are a part of every life, and friends help each other to rejoice or lend comfort. The Guild encourages members to notify the Board if they know of any event in another member’s life that would be helped or brightened by having their Guild friends be aware of it, e.g..; birth of a grandchild, marriage of a son or daughter, a death in the family, or an illness or accident, etc.

Several times per year we have a potluck luncheon following a meeting or event. All members are expected to contribute to these meals. Since not all members are in a position to contribute home-cooked dishes, purchased food is certainly acceptable. 

We offer a block of the month activity on the first Thursday of the month that usually runs for seven or eight months of the year. A quilt project is chosen that has some interesting techniques with the opportunity to learn something new. Other classes are offered on the third Thursday of the month and may include a bag or other sewing project. Bring your sewing machine and sewing kit to these activities. There may be a small fee to cover printing the pattern or items used in the class.

If our Guild sounds like the type of group you’d like to be involved in, please visit the Home Page where you can apply to become a member!

Cedar Chest Quilters' Guild is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Cedar City, Utah 84721

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